Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Liechtenstein exhibition tomorrow! More updates from that soon!

Friday, July 5, 2013

My first Exhibition!

Exhibition: artfullysg 1st exhibition 
 Work: What if: faces

My first exhibition! It's funny that it's the organisers first too! Even though it's really  small exhibition, in a obscure location, it's a start! At least there's something to our on my résumé. 

Everyone has to start small and hopefully this will lead to more greater and bigger exhibitions, recognition! 

Friday, June 7, 2013


Recently I went to an exhibition at the MICA building. I stumbled upon this exhibition on my way to my friend's workplace and I'm so happy I did.
I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the exhibition but it had different galleries display artwork. I think there were a lot of Asian artist's work. 
       Artist: Liu Gang
       Oil on Canvas

   Title:  Flowers bloom and fade
   Artist: Liu Gang
   Oil on canvas
   These pieces were from Y2 arts. 
There's something about hyperrealistic artwork that always amazes me. Not only does it take a lot of skill, a lot of patience is needed to get all the details, the colours, the right texture to create something so real. Even though I do think sometimes that with photography now, we don't need to create such realistic pieces; the camera can do that for us. However, these works are still beautiful and hyperrealistic works help capture images that may not be expressed as well in a photograph. 
      Title: Jade Donut 
      Artist (for all 3): Zi Peng
      Oil on Canvas, 2013
      Y2 arts 
I like this because I think there's something about perfect neatness and smoothness that I really like. I also really like what the artist talks about in the work. 
             Cool-lee: happy meal 
              Cool-lee: sports car
                  Andre tan, 2013  
                   Oil on canvas

I really like this. It's interesting and I like how the expensive and the 'cheap' things together and the modern and the old. Also, I like the style. Black and white with a pop of colour. 

Anyway those are just some of the works that I liked at the exhibition. I think the exhibition had a lot of works which were interesting and really good. They were mostly pairings though. I think there was only one sculpture. Well, I liked it and I hope you like this post! Leave any comments below. 


Monday, June 3, 2013


In a few of my recent posts, I posted pictures of some work that was up for auction and I think I should post pictures of it up here so you can see the whole series.





All these works are hybrids of two animals. Usually the hybrids are of animals that are very different from each other, like the Liondog. The Liondog is a mix of the fearsome lion and the cute dog. I've had a lot of people tell me that it reminds them of clowns. 

All these works done with mixed mediums on different papers and they're all different sizes. So far I have all except the Tigerfrog. 

I always have a lot of fun while doing these. Especially the Liondog. For that, I always took it too the next level. I would stop, have a look at it and just add more. Actually, it's the same for all. I love having my strokes so free and I just love movement. I like having fast and messy strokes, especially if i'm doing feathers, fur, etc. I also love playing with mediums and materials. One of the most used medium in all these works is ink. Be it pen ink, chinese ink (really fun medium), printer ink. You can use it so many different ways, splatter it around to create rhythm or be neat and create detailed work. Really versatile and great to play around with. 

I think i'm going to do more to add to these. Maybe try mixing more animals or work on different materials, and when I do create more of these works, I will definitely post them here to share it! 
It's funny how the one that wasn't displayed at the auction, got sold. 
That's tigerfrog. One of my hybrid pieces that I did. Even though I didn't sell those that were on display, I'm glad I managed to sell at least one. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013


                                      I hope you find a good home. 
I just sold my first artwork! Well, I think I did. It was a silent auction so I'm not sure. I hope I did sell it. I feel so happy cause at least there's some recognition for my work. The guests were saying how good it was so I guess that's a good sign. The event was at a bar/restaurant at grand park city hall and it not only included artwork by me, Marion miranda ( my classmate) and 2 other artists, they were tables of jewellery, scarves, accessories and even clothes that you could buy. The event was set up by ERIIN. ERIIN is by Marion's sister and her friends and they have a website selling Asia pacific designer goods. 
                              Event poster
There was live music but I didn't really listen to them. I met quite a few people today. Marion's parents, her sister and partners, her parent's friends. Basically anyone who knew Marion, I got introduced to haha. I talked to the photographer there who wanted a picture of us with the work but I don't know if she got her shot. Met the designer of the scarves. Her brand is called MAH and the scarves are so cool. I love the colours and the patterns on them. I wish I took more pictures of the event but it was so dark and there was quite a lot of people. Anyway, I'm really happy now and I'm glad I got to showcase my work! Thanks to Marion, ERIIN, whoever bought my work and anyone who helped me get my work there! I hope I get to sell more work at more auctions and showcase my work more often. 


P.s : visit ERIIN's website, for really cool designer goods. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ishibashi Yui

End of tears

stone powder clay,oil painting / 2008  

While browsing online, I saw pictures of these sculptures by artist, Ishibashi Yui. Her works are bizarre, strange, dark yet beautiful. The sculptures incorporate tree/plants growing out of a human or what looks to me like an alien hybrid.

Then,it returns slowly

main part : 137 cm in height (size variable) / 2009  

I like this one. I like how the vines are engulfing the sculpture and the expression of despair. 


wood,steel wire,resin clay / 2011  

Another thing I like about these sculptures are the expressions. It makes the sculpture and it brings out the mood. I think it makes the work much more interesting. I also like how the use of colour is minimum. I think it, like the expression adds to the mood and gives it more of a focus. Like with lesser colour used, it brings more attention to why the colour is added and what it might mean.

A tree 

steel wire,resin clay / 2011

Well, I hope this makes a good first post. I've been seeing her work around quite a bit so I thought it would be good to be my opinions about it. If you want to see more of her work visit,
Not only does she do sculptures, but she also does paintings too which are interesting too. If you have any opinions about anything, comment below! I would love to hear about what you think about Ishibashi Yui's work, or even about this post :)

Thanks for reading!